Renowned De addiction Centre in Ambala - New Dreams Foundation

Renowned De addiction Centre in Ambala - New Dreams Foundation

One of the leading De Addiction Centre in Ambala with certified and knowledgeable professionals. Addiction has become quite common these days. We see many youngsters and young adults falling into the trap of addiction. As a result, they end up creating a mess in their life with failed relationships, and destructive careers. So, if someone has fallen into the trap of addiction around you it's high time to consult a de addiction centre in Ambala today.

Peer pressure or easily available drugs and alcohol has made it quite common for youngsters to fall for it. They don't realise how they fall into this rathole of addiction slowly. This addiction can lead to poor performance at work or school, failed relationships, and severe health issues.

Why do you need a de addiction centre in Ambala?

Getting out of addiction is quite tough and a slow process. The patient needs to be strong enough mentally to go through this transformation from an addict to a sober person.

New Dream Foundation is a leading de addiction centre in Ambala where you can get out of addiction with a 12-step holistic program. We have the best team members who are ready to support you in this journey. With the expert doctors, psychologists, therapists, counselors and other medical staff you can start a new life.

We offer many facilities like AC and non-AC rooms, single, double, triple occupancy, satellite television, organic fruits and vegetables according to the needs of the body, counseling and therapy sessions, pick up service, 24 hours medical helpline number, and many more. Whether you want a basic room or luxurious 5-star facility we have everything for everyone's requirement in the most affordable budgets. We make you feel like home.

You can contact our team anytime and we will help you out with the program and the process. Call at our de addiction centre in Ambala today to know more!